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Company Incorporations

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Company Incorporation

Choosing the right “type” of company when forming your company is essential. Since the introduction of the Companies Act 2014 there are numerous company types that can be formed in Ireland.

We have experience in setting up all types of companies and company structures – limited companies (Ltd), Designated Activity Companies (DAC), unlimited liability companies (ULC) and Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG). We can also assist you in clarifying the requirements around directors’ duties, shareholders obligations and rights, the registered office and company secretaries duties .

Non - Profit Incorporations

Many companies that are formed in Ireland are formed for charitable purposes. There are specific provisions around the type of company that can avail of charitable exemption and a company’s constitution must have specific provisions that comply with both the Companies Act 2014 and the Charities Act 2009.

Management Companies are incorporated to manage a property or properties on behalf of the owners. These are required where you have a block of apartments or shared services that are under the control of the company. These types of companies may require specific provisions to be inserted if they are to comply with the Multi Unit Developments Act 2011.

We can ensure that whether you are a non-profit, charity or a management company that all statutory provisions have been complied with in setting up your company.

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Re-registration of Company Type

It may be necessary for a company to change “type” – be it from limited liability to unlimited, or vice versa or you may require your company re-registered as a company limited by guarantee.

We can draft all company secretarial documents to effect this change and arrange for the relevant documents to be filed with the Companies Registration Office.


Company Compliance

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Annual General Meetings

Organising your Annual General Meeting (AGM) can be a time-consuming task. There are a number of formalities that have to be met – from the notices given to the members and officers to requirements around proxies and corporate representatives.

We can assist in ensuring that your AGM documents are in order and issued in the time frame set out by the Companies Act 2014.

Extraordinary General Meetings

Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) are any general meetings that are not a company’s AGM. There are numerous reasons why a company may need to hold an EGM such as a requirement to amend the company constitution or approve a specific transaction mandated under the Companies Act 2014.

We can assist you in drafting these documents to the highest standard and ensure that all requirements around approving the required resolutions are met.


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Companies REgistration Office Filings

Companies are required to update the Companies Registration Office record in certain circumstances such as filing the annual return (Form B1) or where you change your registered office (Form B2). Almost every change you make to your company will require a filing to be made in the Companies Registration Office.

We can have these documents drafted for your company and ensure that they are filed with the Companies Registration Office on time.


Company Restructures

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Share Transactions

We can assist and guide you on all share restructures from the variation of share rights to the implementation of a “golden share” holding structure as well as the Redemption or Buyback of Shares by a company.

We can assist in drafting the company secretarial documents in relation to share allotments and share transfer and also ensure that your company registers are kept up to date.

If you are looking at implementing a share for share (a very common company re-structure which is used to create a parent / subsidiary group) we can guide you to ensure that all documents are drafted in compliance with the Companies Act 2014.

Board Transactions

In almost all circumstances the directors are given authority to manage the business of a company. The most significant management decisions are made by resolution of the board of directors. There are certain formalities to be adhered to when calling and holding board meetings. We can assist in advising on the best practice and procedures for your company’s governance.

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Company Constitution

Your company constitution is the formal document that governs your company. Since the introduction of the Companies Act 2014 limited companies now have a single document Constitution. It is essential that your company constitution is drafted to ensure that your business can run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We can draft a bespoke constitution to suit the specific needs of your company officers and shareholders.


Nominee & Trustee Services

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Virtual Office

We can provide a registered office for your company. As part of this we can arrange for all post received to be sent to you by email or post – whatever your preference is.

Corporate Company Secretary

We can act as corporate company secretary for your company. This will ensure that you are made aware of all filing deadlines in a timely manner. We can also ensure that your company registers are kept up to date.

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Nominee Shareholder

We can act as nominee shareholder to your company. This can simplify the shareholding in your company and your will have all required trust documents ensuring that you control the beneficial interest in the shares.